Shoys Residence

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

This existing residence is located with a commanding view of the Caribbean Sea and nearby Buck Island National Park. The client requested a whole house upgrade to refresh and update the interior of a residence that had a dark, tight, and dated feel to it. All interior areas of the house received upgrades of new finishes, windows and doors and various new systems. The master bedroom wing of the house received more in-depth alterations and additions of new space to better accommodate increased closet space, general storage space, better bathroom access, an exercise space, and better TV viewing. Overall, this would help to relieve the clutter and dark “feel” of the existing master bedroom space, and provide a better flow within that area.

The existing exterior pool deck area of the house was deteriorated, and the associated wooden deck railing partially obscured an otherwise magnificent view. Areas of tile deck were dated and somewhat deteriorated. The project set about to rectify those exterior conditions as well. Plumbing and air conditioning systems needed and received an update and overhaul.

The client wanted the various upgrades to result in clean, crisp lines, and an integrated approach taken to visually conceal the working of the various new systems. The work was performed on an expedited and tight schedule. This was readily achieved.