Blue Vista Villa

St. Croix, the U.S. Virgin Islands

This St. Croix vacation villa makes the most of its spectacular location with 270 degree views over the Caribbean Sea & Salt River Bay’s ecological preserve. The house was conceived to provide an oasis of personal peace and tranquility by connecting its occupants to the inherent beauty of the surrounding land, sea, and sky. Via its siting, all spaces throughout the house remain linked to ocean views. The house was integrated into a steep hillside, and the resulting composition is a series of small bedroom pavilions, arcades, and open spaces, which step down the hillside.


The massing, selection of materials, and construction methods had to ultimately resist hurricanes and potential earthquakes. Construction materials also had to respect the issues of logistics, familiarity, available tradesmen, and budget. Environmentally, windows and doors are strategically placed to facilitate cross-breezes, arcades situated to provide circulation paths shaded from the strong sun, and rain leaders are integrated to feed multiple cisterns that provide for the drinking water and grey water needs of the house. The design and execution of this house has consequently demonstrated the highest level of integration in order to resolve a multitude of rigorous challenges not normally encountered in most standard residences. The house was featured on the cover of Architectural Digest.